Monday, April 28, 2008

Big Game Curse

Is Officially over. I did not score first mind you but a very respectable third. On the good side that puts me at around 250 points in the lead for the April 2k seat. ROOOOOAAARRR!!! Excellent game by MiamiDon in second and Wormboy in first. I went out when I jammed AK against Fools Gold. Ah well. It was s000ted too. Worm raised in ep to 5k, I had a 30k stack. I MAYBE could have called there but went for the aggressive lets take first move. If I had won that hand I would have been first in chips. I am satisfied with my finish as the Big Game has always been a curse to me.

Hoyazo mentioned last night that he might not be able to make the final three games of the month. Immediately I was like "WAHOO!!!". I mean that leaves only Loretta with a shot at overtaking me. A slim shot but it is possible. Now though I think it would be more challenging if Hoyazo did make these last games. Beyond all else I like the competition. Even if this April race has been driving me crazy.

My backer has shown a little bit of profit so far. He is up around $200 which is chump change to him but it is nice. He will probably be adding another 1k to that total at the end of April if I can hold on. I also surpassed Bayne in our little bet even without April. I started out with a $600 deficit against him and now have $200 in the lead as far as cash goes. I have a big points lead also. Early on we clarified that any packages won count as cash so I will hopefully soon have a $2200 cash lead on him. Nice start anyways.

Have a great day people. I know I will.


Blogger Loretta8 said...

yeah youve pretty much got the TLB on lockdown now. congratulations.

6:21 AM

Blogger Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Impressive. When you guys made the bet, I thought it was unreal that you bet Bayne to beat him in points AND cash (considering he was ahead when bet was made). Well done and well played last night.

7:21 AM

Blogger Shrike said...

Amazing what a little motivation will do, eh?

Nicely done.

8:21 AM

Blogger PokahDave said...

you've been playing great all month...don't forget to finish out with some points tonight!

8:43 AM

Blogger pokerpeaker said...

I knew you had this in you. Unreal, Waffles, unreal! You've got this!!!

9:05 AM

Blogger Wwonka said...

Nice Job last night.

9:13 AM

Blogger $mokkee said...

this has got to be your best month ever. incredible.

11:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Good game last night.

GL in closing out the month.

1:35 PM

Blogger BWoP said...

Congrats on the cash and the points.

And a special thanks for busting thebmorekid so I wasn't the bubble girl.

1:38 PM

Blogger RaisingCayne said...

Congrats on the solid results of late Waffles! You've had an excellent month no doubt! Nice Big Game finish Sunday. (And an early congrats on the April award honor... assuming it's grasped.)

Keep it up! See ya in this evening's MATH.

2:32 PM

Blogger jusdealem said...

Way to go, Waffles! Well done. :)

10:13 PM


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