Thursday, May 29, 2008

MiamiDon is King

Cash is King Baby, like my boy MiamiDon has always told me. Was fun to see Iakaris rise from the ashes and donk his way deep in a BBT even. Too bad an even bigger donk fucked any chance he had at winning. I swear MTT players are people who are too undisciplined and inconsistent to win at real poker. All they do is hit their 25K score and then spend 24K trying to do it again before their money runs out. Fucking river bingo bastards. Let the flaming begin.

I actually had a good time in the Mookie last night. No big suckouts for or against. I basically had like four races. One time with AK s000ted all in vs 99.. I had the guy covered by 2x and he called off his entire stack on a coin flip with the blinds low. Second race was 27o vs KJ. I actually called all in here. I was getting short and it is the hammer baby. Took out someone there with two pair. I then had some chips and lost a race when I put someone all in TT vs AJ for all his chips. This call was marginally better than the first one only because the blinds were getting high and I agreed that he needed chips. Finally I went out against said flying cherub mentioned earlier with T9 vs 55 with a smallish stack. I could have been more patient and waited for a better hand but I wanted to fuck around with Cmitch and I was fine with how it went down either way. The flop was a great 77Q for me.. so the Ickster had to dodge like 15 outs 2x over.. but that fucker is luckier than Don's whore on lortab day.

Speaking of whores Don offered to introduce me to his friend but I do not think I will ever be able to get the image of his spew all over her face out of my mind. Thanks Bro but you have ruined her for me. Sort of like wolves pissing in the woods to mark their territory.

I traded a fifty to my buddy on PokerStars. Someday maybe Gordogg will fucking post again. I decided to play a $22 SNG since the fifty is pretty much going to be throwaway. First hand of the SNG I get Queens. It is raised pre-flop and two retards call. Flop comes two diamonds all low baby. I have a diamond even. I get jammed all in by A9 diamonds and he spikes the nut on the turn. Fucking retards.

I then played some Stud with mixed results. At one point I was way up but then gave it back on hands like SF draw vs a pair of twos that called every bet including the river unimproved. *I had a read on you*. Yeah, your read was, "I am a retarded loser I want to donate to you". Fucking moron. I think these games are really juicy but I am uncertain as to how well 1 buyin is going to do. I can NOT STAND lower levels than 1/2 because I end up getting 9 monkeys to a flop which reduces my odds unless I have a super monster hand. I actually misplayed several hands while giving my profit back. I will probably hit Pokerstars Stud a little while playing Riverchasers and see if I can get anything going. I used to be a ballah at the $22 SNGs but I am so under rolled for anything there that I am not very excited to play.

Full Tilt continues to treat me aight. Last night was pretty break even. I took second in an SNG to pretty much break even or make a small profit for the night. I am really excited thought because the roll is going in the right direction and my head is on straight. I really think my recovery is real and my 12-step LA(tm) program is working well.

Tonight of course is the Riverfuckers. We are down to the last two games of the BBT3. I for one am looking forward to the end. I will still play the Riverfuckers and Mookie on alternating weeks probably.. possibly a skillz throw in here and there but I am really cutting down on my MTT play for now. Once I have Fuel like online cash then I might revisit the golden lottery ticket. Until then have fun peeps.


Blogger Poker Brian said...

I am doing better on the 1/2 Stud on PS than FT. I hear what you are saying about .5/1 see the % for people who see 4th street for those games? Some as high as 70ish%!!

People still chase retarded flushes even at 1/2 tho, some chick had 10,3,2d as a starting hand then caught 5th d on 6th street. She told me in chat she had it on 6th (duh). 10 high flush with no good straight draws is the nuts.

11:08 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I probably chase too many of those flush hands too.. I rarely release if I have a 4 flush on 4th. I make a lot when 3-4 people chase me down and I hit.. and lose when I miss..

12:02 PM

Blogger Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

solid bank roll management, get $50 and put in 44% into a sng luckfest.

1:06 PM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

If there is a poker god, you will be at my starting table tonight if I play.

2:22 PM


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