Monday, May 26, 2008

Stupid MTT

I am getting really fucking sick of MTTs. I play great the whole game and am in position to possibly win. I played something like 12% of my hands or less. Meaning I was tight and only showed down good hands. SO I raise Jeciimd blind and he jams A4. What fucking retard jams A4? Even saying you are ahead of say A2 or A3 what the fuck? I can see if I was a super lagtard like.. ohhh .. jeciimd.. but even if I have KQ your racing for your whole stack with a fucking A4. Jesus. Fucking retards always get paid off. I am really enjoying cash games a lot more than this bullshit bingo crap. Fucker will probably win. Fucking three outs pre-flop is enough for retarded tourists. God I am mad. I can not even play now.

Dumb bastard is the worst tight type player ever. He will play tight but he will wildly overplay shit hands all the time. Of course he gets fucking paid. I sort of thought I was doomed when he floppped a flush draw. I dodged that and he rivers a straight. Even a fucking 1.25 SNG player fucking folds A4. Man this sucks. Very disappointing.


Blogger Riggstad said...

maybe he thought you would fold even TT? blahahahahahahahah!!!!

I laugh cause I love :)

7:29 AM

Blogger HighOnPoker said...

I read this post immediately after the last post. It's a one-two punch of comedy.

8:14 AM


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