Friday, May 30, 2008

Stars Fishies

Holy shit did I have a good night at Pokerstars. This was after I got fucked out of one pot by JT. I had A3 hearts on a 245 2-heart board vs his A6 with two pair. I potted the flop for a goodly amount and got quartered by the miracle three on the turn. I respect the hell out of JT to be honest but that was a dumbass play in my opinion. Fucking hate PLO. I then overplayed what was almost a wrap but not really as it was only a 9-out straight and the TPTK was good enough to beat me. Oh well.

So anyways.. I hate MTTs.. and I went back to my cash game. I started up on Pokerstars and these fookers were calling me down with fucking 33 with me hitting a flush and showing 3 spades on the board.. I mean it was fucking amazing. I would have 4 cards to a straight and cr a guy and he would keep calling and calling and calling.. I won about 100 on Stars last night and like trippled my remaining piddly bankroll. Sweet stuff.

Full Tilt was not as good. Only won one buyin. Practically a break even night. Sitting at a little over 800 on the site right now. No matter though. Even if I sink to 700 or rise to 1200 none of that matters in the short term. Who gives a fuck. I am just gonna keep playing the best I can.

A couple of interesting hands last night kind of fucked me. A guy caught a AAAKK boat vs my 888JJ boat. Two Aces were showing but nothing else.. I sort of though he was overplaying a straight. So I capped him on the river. My bad. He had .45 cents left to call on the river and he waited like 15-seconds. Slow rolling motherfucker. I yelled at him. Told him I hope his colostomy bag breaks. Fucking old fucks.

I also called down a few weaker hands when I should not have. One of them I was crushed by yet another boat.. the other one I won a HUGE pot with 9944 four ways against some guy representing trip twos I guess. Seriously he bet the river with a pair of twos and I called everyone else folded. This in in a four way pot in which he had raised to two bets on sixth. Yikes! In general this play by me is losing poker but I was happy to scoop the pot.

I am enjoying the cash games a lot. I may try and get a token and play a 45-peep or 26-token 90-peep or something like that this weekend. However I really have no desire to play MTT or SNG games at the moment. I am riding the rush I guess. My chasing ass is doing great in Stud and I hope it continues.

I really would love to get my Pokerstars account from the fifty bucks (over a hundred now) to something I can work with. I used to really like the 22$-180 peep SNGs on Pokerstars and judging by the single one I played they are still soft. I used to crush those things regularly and had several first place wins and even cashed out a grand or so from the site just from those SNGs. Anyway we will see how it goes this weekend. Hopefully I will have good news. Good luck to you all.


Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Why not get started with some $11 180 SNGs at Stars? The payouts are still pretty good with more than $500 going to 1st, if memory serves correctly.

9:36 AM

Blogger Lucypher said...

Stars cash games, huh? Welcome to my turf. What is your screen name on Stars and I will keep an eye out for you. Good luck.

2:43 PM

Blogger KajaPoker said...

i can double your pokerstars bankroll. trade me $100 FTP$? Muahahaha! no, seriously. I am almost busto on FTP.

5:25 AM


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