Thursday, June 05, 2008

Blah Is King Baby!

I had an ok night at the cash tables really just breaking even. I was up a buyin and a half playing NLHE with MiamiDon. It was fun matching wits with him and a few times I made big laydowns when I felt I was ahead of him slightly. He confirmed my reads were on. After losing half a buyin to flush over flush. Flopped. Sucked balls.

I got lucky against MiamiDon when I smooth called him with KK. I had raised and ScottMc smooth called and then Don re-raised fairly large to 2x the pot. In my head it screamed AA but I was not about to fold kings pre-flop so I called. I thought about jamming but my alarm bells were blaring. The flop came with an Ace and it made my fold easy.

I stacked Pushmonkey when he chose a bad time to bluff against my nut boat. I then spewed back a full buyin with terrible hands like AK vs AJ. Ug. Finally I decided to leave. I was going to go to bed but Pushmonkey convinced me to play on Pokerstars. I then got so fucking pissed off by that and also by getting fucked out of the 45-peep with 44 vs 22. I jammed from ep having this guy almost covered and he insta calls. He flops a fucking two and I go out in 13th. Second night I have been fucked out of a possibly huge score but some numbskull. On Pokerstars I got called down by the most ridiculous and idiotic players known to man. I finally exploded and called this one chick a fat hairy pussy.

I busted out my buyin and then FUMING mad I went over to Full Tilt at Pushmonkeys suggestion and watched Mookie on the final table. I saw this chick MoonJuice make some interesting plays and knock people out with some pretty sick suckouts. So I took all my frustration out on her. Was it a good thing to do? Nah. I need to stop doing shit like that. We verbally sparred for a little bit and I guess I won because she announced I ruined her night and jammed her hands all in and busted out like two hands later. I do not think I have ever caused anyone to tilt that bad. She then calls me fat and ugly in the chat window. She says she learned poker a year ago and is eighty nine and invalid and this is her only fun and I have ruined it and she will never play the Mookie again. I say she must have Alzheimer's too because she obviously forgot how to play poker. I also have to chuckle. When you call a fat and ugly guy fat and ugly well derr I already know that retard. Honestly taking my frustrating out on the old lady was kind of fun but I really did not mean to hurt her feelings. I do think she needs a thicker skin but I apologize for my bad actions.

I am seriously considering taking a night off. I am just caught in a small semi-downward spiral. I mean losing 200 in two weeks of play is not a big deal but I am waiting for things to break my way and it is getting a little frustrating. I also am encouraged with my last two sessions at NLHE cash and may fuck around with that again. I also am thinking a 180-peep on Stars is looking good. I also think that a 45-peep on FT is in order since I got knocked out TWICE on brutal beats and third times a charm right? FAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWK!


Blogger Poker Brian said...

he sng's and mtts early on are so easy to stack. I raise with A-K and some jackoff puskes with K-8o, third hand of the 180 person???

Seriously though for $4.40 in a 180 first pays 217..not a bad investment for cheap.

8:02 AM

Blogger pokerpeaker said...

I wonder if having an A on the board would make my fold with K-K harder. Don could re-raise with Q-Q or even J-J there.

Then again, you only had a pair, and if your alarm bells are ringing, there's nothing wrong with listening to them and waiting for a better spot. So not a bad fold.

9:26 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Three people to the flop SOMEONE had AK or AA.

11:13 AM

Blogger lightning36 said...

Time to change the world, Waffles -- take down the TOC!!

7:22 AM


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