Wednesday, June 04, 2008

No Mook For You!

BOYCOTT!!!!! BOYCOTT!!! I am sure to get over my MTT burnout soon enough but until then Boycott all these fuckers. Hell I have not even seen a dime of my wins from the BBT3. I have like 2350 coming my way. Would be nice to get it BEFORE the WSOP is over.

In some ways I think this is one big hoax. I mean AlCantHang is like a big brother to me. The kind who smacks you in the back of the head and sticks your head in the toilet. Of course he always has your back when it is you against the world but normally he is just a pain in the ass. I could totally see him gathering the bloggers together and making this whole fake BBT3 thing up. I mean that is more realistic than me winning the fucking WSOP package and taking fifth in the whole thing overall. I could see the conversation now.

Al: Hey let's fuck with Waffles head he has been getting too stable lately.
Iggy: Yeah why not
Hank: I can help!
April: *Cackles with Glee*
Al: So here is what we will do. Hank. Can you get FT to post up a fake BBT3 event?
Hank: Sure. No problem. They put the Waffles doom code in so this should be a snap.
Al: Excellent. Iggy and I will call all the bloggers. We have their numbers on Dial-A-Shot-Speedial and will inform them this is fake.
April: *Cackles with Glee*
Iggy: How the hell are we going to get that idiot to win though?
Al: We will have to help him. We will get people to purposely spew to him. If someone is not in on this we will take them out with our superior poker skills. He will think he is the best player in the world. This will be so awesome.
Hank: As long as FT does not have to send him any shirts or hats I am in. I mean can you imagine having Waffles as a spokesperson for Full Tilt? We would lose more players than Party Poker on Frist-Day.
Iggy: This is going to be so good.
April: *Cackles with Glee*

I honestly appreciate everything Full Tilt has done for me personally and know that they will probably ship the money after the TOC or something like that.

April: *Cackles with Glee*

Motherfucking jokesters on a motherfucking blog. See I knew it was too good to be true. I think I am becoming way to paranoid. Anyway I am back to losing. Wheee!!!! Nothing horrible. Just not getting lucky in anything. A few nasty suckouts where 16th in a 45-peep when my T8 flopped 2 pair could not outrun KJo on a 2 spade 3 straight board with him holding a draw to the Q-hi straight only. No flush outs. Turn J. River K. Cya fucker. I also went out 3rd when my TPTK could not outrun the call by bottom pair ten kicker when I jammed him all in for all of his chips and he rivered a two. Gah! So Frustrating. I ran out of books to read today so I am reading Phil Gordon's Little Blue Book. I assume this will cause me to think I can play NLHE cash games and hilarious loses will ensue.


Blogger Poker Brian said...

i bought both of Harrington's NLHE cash games books, but i havent brought myself around to reading them yet... Also have The Poker Mindset: Essential Attitudes for Poker Success [Paperback] by Taylor coming from amazon. I think thats a need to read...for me anyways.

Phil's books are ok, good solid poker tips, i think hes pretentious, but thats just me.

9:29 AM

Blogger $mokkee said...


you had the poker run of your life in April. take the money and run.

if you ever get it.

11:43 AM

Blogger Buffalo66 said...

Maybe you will get paid in bacon.

Seriously, do you get paid in T$? How do you cash out?

And for that matter, how does everyone put money on/off Bodog?

3:13 PM


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