Monday, June 02, 2008

Weekend of Despair or a Bright New Hope

Seriously had a terrible weekend at the tables. Dropped 200 of my 800 bankroll that was nicely ramping up. If I did anything wrong losing that it was probably pressing a little too hard. The real dangers are in thinking down these paths. Saying things like "I should be at [x]" or "I was at [x] last week I need to get back there". Poker bankroll management does not work that way. It will only cause you pain and sorrow if you think that way. I admit I was pretty bummed out. Totally the wrong attitude. However in some small ways I am encouraged and think this weekend was a good test. While I did lose more than I would have liked I did not go off the deep end. I did not play a single game above what I have been playing for the past two months. I basically handled it well if not perfectly. The mentality of winning poker is tough and it is the little things that swamp you.

Last night found me busting the slump with a nice Royal Straight Flush that got me back to the 625 range as I went something like 2,2,3,1,X,X in a series of SNGs last night. The third place finish was so sick too.. Got a guy all in on a 26x flop with 96 and he sucked out a two on the river for a win with the all mighty T2o. Ah well.

Bayne conceded our prop bet last night. It must feel good to lose to the Worst Poker Player Ever! Shipped a fifty my way to get me to 675.. and placing fifth in the BBT3 should add another few bucks back to the bankroll.. not to mention rakeback and advertising money. So as you can see the real trick in poker is to keep yourself in the game until the tide turns back your way.

I would like to say I had fun playing Iggy this weekend but the little drunken fuck sucked out on me after I got my money in on the turn. This is always the question I have in poker. I believe I did the right thing by getting all my money in the middle as a percentage favorite.. I was something like 10-20% favored on the turn with a pair and a gutter draw vs a gutter flush draw. My read was spot on that I was ahead of the tard. However he had a lot of outs. I think technically I did what you are supposed to do.. get as much money in the middle as a favorite as possible. Ah well.

I would also like to say I had fun at the Big Game. It was decidedly not fun. I went out on like the tenth hand. I think this was a cooler but you decide. I am dealt AK s000ted diamonds and with a few limpers I pot it to like 200.. The flop come an indifferent J9x two diamonds. I pot it here because I have two over cards to any Jack, and while either of those could be dirty, I also have the redraw to the nut flush. So I get one caller making the pot like 1200 and the turn is what seems at first to be a great card the King. However it was a great card for the fucknut with QT who called two big bets. I thought about not firing in this spot but I had like 2200 left and I would be committing 1200 to put a bet in.. So I just fired all in with the nut flush redraw.. and obviously never made it. Oh well I do not think fucknut went very far either.

Tonight is Avoid the Hoy night. Yes, a brand new holiday. I am pretty burnt out on MTT play for the month. Having finished as the fifth best blogger in the BBT3 has taken its toll and I for one am boycotting Monday at the Hoy. I hate that fucknut MTT anyways. I may hit it up again in a few weeks. We will see. I agree totally with my esteemed college Mr. Hoyazo that this BBT3 was great and I really loved it but having to play every single event is tough. I do believe that I deserve to be one of the top ten on the BBT3 list also. I fully admit to sucking at big field MTT play but my style works great for games where the field is under a hundred. I really play these well IMHO and think the results show this. No specific plans for tonight. See you at the tables.


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We should take down some random stud tourneys on Stars or something, if you are interested hit me up. (Stud 1/2 up to $140!)

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