Monday, July 21, 2008

Excited but not so much

Poker is blah right now for no particular reason. I am winning. I am bored. So I am taking breaks. Meh. I dunno.

I have been leveling my Mage up which is fun. Here are a few cool things I have done lately with him.

Base Jumping
In the Zangamarsh there is a HUGE tower platform where the Alliance have a city. I take my mage to the top of the cliff and look down. I can see creatures and people but they look like ants. I gather my courage and leap from the cliff, spreading my arms, and feeling the air rush through my Draenei tentacles. The ground quickly rushes up towards me and a few seconds before I hit I cast my blink spell and land safely on the ground. If I was a little too late I would have been a blue pancake. However I have successfully executed another daring base jump.

Playing with the Lowbies
Low level HORDE characters are so cute. After a raid where me and one other level 64 made it into the instance in Orgrimmar and proceeded to use gorilla raiding tactics to take out several guards and a few low to mid level characters that got in our way we headed back to the safety of Alliance lands. On our way back we ran into a tiny little cute level eight. He proceeded to attack my friend who is a level 64 priest. So naturally he mind controlled the little guy and sent him into a den of scorpions. The scorpions proceeded to sting him to death while we chuckled.

The little fellow then starts taunting us from behind the relative safety of a few level 65 guards. We destroy the guards but he is out of PVP mode. So my friend challenges him to a duel. When he accepts he is suddenly in PVP mode again. We quickly mind control him and make him attack a guard who hits him for 6k killing him instantly. Hilarious. Finally we charge out and rush through the Crossroads on our way back to friendly territory our epic two man raid on Orgrimmar a complete success.

I know I am a total nerd. Ah well.


Blogger TraumaPoker said...

I knew you would be the first to welcome me back! I took a break and played tons of live poker and thought about joining the priesthood but you brought me back......just when I thought I was done, SIRF pulls me back in!

10:06 AM

Blogger Riggstad said...

I really think you aren't happy unless you are whining. Thats the juice for you.

If winning is boring, and losing lets you rip off post after post, and enjoy it, then you must have some afflicition to success. At least in poker.

And I'll speak for the rest of the group and tell you that we want the old waffles back.

Fu Riggs wasn't enough when you dusted off the ol' Bodog bankroll.

Gotta take some more hits and get back to losing! I miss old Waffles!!!

10:22 AM

Blogger MorningThunder said...

What...was....that..? Speechless.

8:51 AM

Blogger cristy said...

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11:29 PM


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