Friday, July 18, 2008

Rantless in Boston

I know all you haters have been complaining about my blog lately but what can I say. It is hard to rant about losing a few bucks to Coxlover and his tired lucksackery when the bankroll is growing every night. It is pretty close to 2K which while no landmark is pretty good. Sure I got runner-runner sucked out on pretty good last night. I did my share of sucking too. I lasted one hand in the 4K PLO.. AA24 s000ted vs AKQJ no s000t all in preflop. Somehow all this winning takes the edge off. Worst thing that has happened lately at the tables is inadvertently hurting someone I really care a fuckload about by shooting my mouth off. I mean that is not even poker related.

Leveling my Mage has been the biggest grind. He is just under level 62. I am trying to get him to seventy fast but it is not easy. What do I have to rant about? I mean I sucked out bad on Kurokitty. Should I rant that some dude has the name "Kitty"? I mean what the fuck is up with that? As Fuel would say "Ghey".

Hell I even dropped $400 on Bodog which is almost my entire roll there. Do I care? Not really. I had a good time playing with Riggs. It was fun. Does that satiate you train watchers? No? FU Still Riggs.

There is just not much to rant about. You want to hear a really bad beat? Ok here goes. You know my Au Pair? The Fat whore from Venezuela or some McDonalds worker country like that. Yeah her. I just found out I am "PAYING FOR ALL HER FOOD!". Holy fuck! Talk about bad beats.

P.S. Dropping Hoyazo in four hands last night was the BEST HU experience I have had to date. It was classic. Hand Ranges? *snicker*. Calling all in with top pair SHIT kicker. *snicker*. Hoyazo. *snicker*.


Blogger drewspop said...

Just rant about the heat. It's awful humid out today.

11:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job last night at the HU tournament.

11:51 AM

Blogger kurokitty said...

Ghey like "I can't quit you, Waffles." lolololol

1:24 PM

Blogger 23skidoo said...

A guy who likes to be called waffles is making fun of someones name??

5:32 PM


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