Monday, August 25, 2008

Could Happen

I might work on a post about how to turn your self from a loser to a break even player and some of the things that really matter if you want to play like Waffles but then again I might not. I played a little this weekend. I won a token and had two winning sessions at LO8. Fun game. Easy if you can be patient. A lot of variance possible thought so you need a good mindset. I am currently playing 2/4 but should move up if I win the Mookie bet.

Until I write the post I am working on I will give you a few tips. I think in order to win an MTT you have to suck really bad. I mean you read Hoyazo a lot and say "Wow what a donkey play he sucks bad!".. but I am here to tell you "HE HAS TO SUCK BAD!". It is the right thing to do. You have to be as bad as Hoyazo to win one of these things. It is the only way. The real skill is knowing when to suck and when to not suck so much. See MTT play is easy. I should write a book.

Good luck to you all. I may hit up Instant Sean's MTT tonight. Not sure. While playing a 15 person MTT does not excite me much I probably should support the guy. Right? I mean he is a good guy or something. Even if he is dating a pig. No she is not fat. Just a cop. Well she could be fat. I do not know. Have not seen her nude yet. Damn pig cops!!!! I will never surrender!!!! Anyway.. If you want to play here are the details.

What: The Tour Monday Night Madness
Time : 10 P.M. ET Full Tilt Poker Tonight
Buy In: $10 + $1
Format : Double Stack NLHE KNOCKOUT! $2 Bounty per player
PW : Boom

I feel retarded just typing that. Oh well. Fun fun. See you guys there possibly.


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