Friday, August 01, 2008

Lose One Idiot Get Another

So Hoyazo has quit the MATH for now and apparently the donks at LivePokerRadio are looking to replace him. I think Hoyazo speak for "I was not feeling it" translates to "Fuck everyone hates me and thinks I am a cheater so I can only get 5 people to the MATH these days". Just saying. Again I do not think Hoyazo cheated. It is easy to hate on the arrogant guy though. He did shit on Bodog.

Ah well. Here are the details for the newest donk fest. I have no idea if I will be playing any of these. Anything is possible.

The LivePokerRadio Tour will be offering many new opportunities for you to not only donk it up, but win. Originally I had this linked to BuddyDoosh but IT said and I quote "the livepokerradio link should be not". Come along for the ride. Everyone says they want to be there for the first.

You want the details? Let's get you all of them:

Monday's starting August 4th
Time : 10 P.M. ET Full Tilt Poker
Buy In: $10 + $1 (May change due to special events)
Format : NLHE (May change due to special events)
PW : Boom

Does this thing have a name IT? Like.. Donkey Ass Radio MTT or something. Is it gonna be called the LivePokerRadio Tour? Usually you go someplace on a tour.

A going round; a circuit; hence, a journey in a circuit; a prolonged circuitous journey; a comprehensive excursion; as, the tour of Europe; the tour of France or England.

Oh well good luck you fucktards.


Blogger Instant Tragedy said...

We are going round the table...

And we could tell you more but I've been sworn to secrecy.

Thanks Waffles.


9:43 AM

Blogger Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

i like your hoy translation, you should put it into babblefish format

10:41 AM

Blogger $mokkee said...

"LPR Monday Night Fonkey Jam"

5:12 PM


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