Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trauma Is Back

Trauma is back hitting up the online tables instead of rolling his ass off on the craps tables. Just in time to put a big smackdown on me to. Oh did that hurt. I played it horribly though.

I had KK on the button and Trauma limped in. I knew he was calling any raise I made so I popped it to 4xBB and got us HU. Figured I would take the extra cash when he folded the flop. The board comes out a pretty benign Txx. I lead out here for a pot sized bet of 1/4 his remaining stack. He of course cold calls. Just a tip. If it costs you a fourth of your stack IT IS NOT FLOATING. Anyhow.. I see the ten on the turn and something inside me says I am dooomed. However I go ahead and bet off half my stack and then do not fold to his jam. Very badly played on my part. I knew his range for the flop cold call was basically QQ-JJ, or Tx. With the ten on the turn I probably should have slowed down and definitely folded to his jam. Oh well his JTo was good.

Sometimes I react to what is going on in a hand. This is really bad. I think the best thing I can do for my poker game is take more time deciding on things.

Last but not least I have to give props to PokerPeaker for an excellent play last night. I had a weakish hand so I called his flop bet but did not put any pressure on him. We both checked the turn. Weak on my part. He then fired out a pot sized bet on the river with Queen high. He made a great read that I had a weak pair and stuck with it. He knew I had the ability to fold there sometimes and bet an amount that was half both of our stacks but just a pot sized bet. It was pretty good sizing. Big enough to be scary but not over the top to cause suspicion. Took a lot of balls to fire that bullet. I approve. Another person tried that on me but he made a very small bet giving me odds to call. This is not the way to make this play work. Again props to the Peaker.


Blogger TraumaPoker said...

You had KK in the BB, I was on the button and open limped @ 40/80 and called when you made it 480 total. I then called an 800 bet that was about 1/5 of my stack about give or take on a Txx flop. Then I caught and you bet too much of your stack to get away once I raised, you didn’t really even think you just insta called  but you are still my main man!!

12:42 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

You misplayed your hand so badly its not even funny.. So did I. So I guess it is a tie. Fuck you anyways.

1:52 PM


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