Thursday, August 07, 2008

Cows, Chicken, Dogs and Rats

No idea what that means. Who would have thought. People yelling at me.. Not yelling your a loser or fuck off perv and die but "You are a lucksack". Looking back over the past few years I would never expect to be called that. Yet here it is. Hatahs yelling "Lucksack", "Luckmonkey", "Lucky Lucky Donkey" as I knocked out over a third of the field on my way to a tough loss and second place finish in the Mookie.

This bet was one of the greatest ideas I have had in a long time. It has reinvigorated my game. It has made the Mookie a hell of a lot of fun which is what it is supposed to be. Lately since I have been busy leveling my mage I have been playing poker once or twice a week. Every time I sit down to play though I feel like I dominate the table. It has really made a big difference.

I really hate when people say something is impossible. It just makes me want to prove them wrong. Goal one has been accomplished anyways and LJ has been de-throned as Queen of the Mook Donkeys and we have a new King, all mighty lord, SurFlexus.

In the three Mookies so far I have taken 2nd and 3rd and came really close to a first place finish last night. I have reduced the lead by half and have $150 left to go until I win the bet. This is a single first place in a Mookie. Everything is coming together for an amazing victory. I really feel if I stay focused I can win this. Even if I do not pull it off this has been hella fun.

The funniest part of this whole thing are the degenerate back alley bets going on. I have no idea what kinds of bets are out there but apparently most people will make money if I win since they are getting ridiculous odds against.

Of course the hate is still flowing hard. Nobody really wants to see me win. It is an affront to poker players everywhere when it happens. AlCantHang dies a little inside when it happens. Even more than his liver after a bender. Iggy's little tiny dwarf testicles shrivel up a little more. Chris Halverson rethinks his decision to be a professional poker player. It just tosses everything upside down. I love every minute of it.


Blogger DuggleBogey said...

Too bad there were only 46 people in the Mook last night, making the prize pool smaller. I guess it was hangover from the 500+ people in Pauly's tourney.

6:41 AM

Blogger drewspop said...

Hey, nice job last night. I committed myself when I made that crying call knowing I had to be behind. History gave me enough of a doubt though to throw the chips in, knowing I would still have enough to play with if I lost.

Ok, that is my story and I am sticking to it. Anyway, it was a bad suckout, but I enjoyed being back at the final table with you, Surf, Mookie et al.

6:45 AM

Blogger Mike Maloney said...

Pocket 4s are ghey, btw. Just wanted to get that out there.

7:28 AM

Blogger Mondogarage said...

"Just win, baby."

Worked for Al Davis, it can work for Waffles. GOGOGO

It's not unpossible!

8:26 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

haha It is funny Mike but we both got nailed by slow playing a marginal hand. You got behind on the turn and I got a guy to commit all his chips with just one pair when it was likely he would have folded the flop.

Drew - When you re-raised my bet thinking I would be weak and fold you committed yourself and the call was an no brainer. You actually had 20k left if you lost that hand it while you could have come back it would have been difficult.

I am totally fine with the hand. I knew I would get you if you kept being uber aggressive and I did. It just did not work out so well. heh.

You played a mean aggressive scary game though. Possibly too aggressive as that can be exploitable too but all in all you played great and I have no regrets.

Anyway I shall keep doing the unpossible.

8:32 AM

Blogger Buffalo66 said...

If you win this bet, do you get to see anybody nekkid?

10:54 AM

Blogger lightning36 said...

Great run last night, Waffles. I thought it was my night when I was a card rack for the first hour. Unfortunately, the last hour I got zippo cards and struggled to just miss the final table.

What are the latest odds? I want to put my money on da Waffle Man.

12:30 PM


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