Monday, August 25, 2008


It was huge amounts of donkery but I had a good time. I donkeyfucked IT then Cayne Donkeyfucked me bad two times. I finally finished up in second. I did take out TBA and LJ which is always fun. Probably will not play again until the Mookie. I had a great time HU with Cayne. I was laughing my ass off even if the beats were nasty. I.E. 2 Outer and runner-runner two pair. The two outer was actually a hand Cayne could not get away from. The other hand he maybe should have folded the flop but he had chips and thought his king would be good if he hit it on the turn. All in all not bad plays.

I also made another buyin playing LO8 so that was not bad. See you all at the Mookie on Wednesday. You should all show up and try and stop me from taking the title of King of the Mooks. LJ and Bayne will appreciate it.


Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

I know I ask you this like every other day, but put your e-mail address on my blog in the comments so I can send you my picks for the hotels for your friends.


11:56 AM

Blogger RaisingCayne said...

Head's up was a good time. Especially that beautiful two outer! (I definitely wasn't getting away from QQ HU on a 55T flop, that turn card doesn't come and you take it down.)

You should consider comin' out tonight for the NYRambler game. I'd be happy to provide another lesson. ;-)

2:23 PM


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