Friday, September 19, 2008

Bloggering Can Be Good

It is nice to know some people are trustworthy without even thinking about it. With the whole aftermath of the recent lending scandal I thought it might be nice to highlight one of the good transactions. Irongirl was looking to trade some money on Pokerstars for Full Tilt. We had been exchanging blog comments back and forth but had not connected yet. So I just shipped her the cash on Stars last night fully expecting there to be no problems. I would say we are casual friends. I did meet her at one of the Blogger events and she is correct that I was staring at her boobies. I guess that alone makes us casual friends at least to me. Probably leering perv to her. We each have our own place in the Blogger world right? Anyway everything went off without a hitch. The funds were in my FT account within and hour and all was well.

Now I am not advocating trusting people with funds so much because there are plenty of people out there that will take advantage. I will say it is nice to know there are some good people out there.

As far as pokering goes I had a good night. I ended up taking first in a 3-table SNG and doubled up in LO8. The thing that is most important for people to realize with limit games is that you are not some special person who can earn more than everyone else. Your results will average out to 3-4BB/100 at best. That does not mean you will make 16 bucks a night per table. What that means is you will win two buyins then lose a buyin or two then win another one. It is a crazy process and losing is a big part of it.

Until Next Time Remember: Be Break Even Like Waffles.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Considering the BS you just went through in WOW it shows a lot about your character that you can trust a different group of onliners.

Have a great weekend.

1:00 PM

Blogger MHG said...

I believe I have visual evidence of you staring at IG's boobies.

2:07 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

At least I have resisted attempting to nibble on them. Threat of bodily harm and/or arrest tends to help with this.

2:11 PM

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Irongirl is good people! I would definitely trust her and I would trust you too baby :)

3:42 PM


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