Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Bet Continues

So I did what I needed to this week. Now I just have to take first next week. I finished up in 6th place. I probably could have gone deeper but I made a move to try and get control of the game. My blinds kept getting raised by Kiev and I finally decided to make a stand. I shoved my J8. I knew he had to call from a pot odd perspective. However I knew he had shit cards. So I raced late to basically get the chip lead for the table. I thought the move through and I went with it. The flop came QT to give me a gutter but I was not able to pull it out. The river gave Kiev a straight. SO I could have folded and maybe moved up maybe not.. but I tried to give myself a shot to take the whole thing down.

I actually did make a few huge laydowns which was good. I also sucked out pretty good with a flush draw and 55 vs JJ. Both were rivered flushes. Next week should be interesting to say the least.


Blogger PokahDave said...

Good grief...with that kind of luck you're good for another final table next week. I'm glad I could help the cause.....good luck...but LJ has you by the balls right now....come to think of it...that's not a bad consolation prize!

8:37 AM


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