Thursday, October 23, 2008


I will be playing this tonight in between the SNG circuit. I love these things so much.

On the political front I saw a "news" story about Palin and her expensive clothing habits. What the fuck is that all about? First off who gives a fuck what she spends on clothes. If she has the money then she can do what she wants. Secondly she is essentially the CEO of Alaska. Do you expect her to go around in blue jeans? Should she buy cheap ass clothing? I mean it is total bullshit and I have avoided it my entire life BUT people in power positions HAVE TO wear powerful clothing. It is just the way it works. So lay off tits clothes. She looks fine. She is not doing anything wrong. So stupid.


Blogger Garthmeister J. said...

OK, so I don't want to get in to deep on the political front, but the reason some people are annoyed is because the Republican National Committee footed the bill with funds donated to them (which is the reason people found out about it - they have to report expenditures with the Federal Electoral Commission). It's not out of her own pocket.

Here's an article from Fox News, if you like:

8:30 AM

Blogger Astin said...

Heh. The problem is that it wasn't Palin that spent the money, but the McCain campaign, which is funded by donations from supporters. Now that the story has come out, the McCain campaign says it had always intended to donate the clothes to charity afterwards. I can only assume Charity is some 40-year old hooker. :)

She also wrote off thousands in airfare and hotels stays for her daughters, then went back and altered the write-off with some BS to validate spending Alaska's budgetary money on her family.

But I agree - as a VP candidate, she needs to dress well. I'm sure Biden's suits aren't off the rack from JC Penny. The problem lies in her "I'm just a girl from Wasilla" and "I'm against government earmarks and greed and frivolous spending" spiel. How do you say that while dropping over a hundred grand on clothes at Neiman Marcus and Saks?

8:34 AM

Blogger Bayne_S said...

The real problem is that spending campaign money on clothes is breaking the law. Maybe the campaign can claim ignorance of the law establish by the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Act.

10:19 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Ahhhh fucking Local news. Jesus. They did not even mention that in the story. They just went on about how she is supposed to be this "Working Girl" from Alaska and how she wears nice clothes. Fucking Fox news.

11:20 AM


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