Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sexy Rexxy and all that Jazz

Oops. Hit enter too soon. Premature Blogging about Rex. hmm.

Anyways. Lets see. First off I won the Skillz SNG last night. It was LHE and got me to about 8th in the standings with probably like 5 games played all year. I think I am break even there.

I had a good time HU with Lightning. We had a lot of suck-resuck going on and I even caught a two outer to really mess with his mind. Of course he should never have capped my with J5 on the flop. Bitch. He started with a decent sized lead but with the blinds at 1K it really was anyone's game. I noticed him playing like a scared bitch early on and took advantage. Like any good player he noticed that I noticed so adjusted. I found a really nice tell on the guy though. It was hilarious and worked every time. I would tell you what it is but I want to keep using it.

I fucking hate Obama. I can not tell you why. I just have very good instincts about people and just hate his guts. He just fucking sends every alarm in my body screaming out loud. As one blogger said, and I am starting to believe, "Obama might be the Anti-Christ".. Believe it people. Could be true. I was right about Bush and the price of gas. I might be right here.

On the Sexy Rexy front she is offering up her body.. no wait, that was a dream, she is offering up a couple hundred bucks in the form of a subscription to the Poker-X factor. If anyone is interested. Essentially she just wants you to write about the following: -What has playing poker taught you about yourself?

I may do this for fun but if I join PXF I may not be able to stay break even. Read all the details on her blog anyways.

As for my blog it has become a bit stale. I have been thinking about ideas on spicing it up. The HU 500$ SNG is probably the best writing I have done all month on this thing. I was thinking of having an Ask Waffles Friday. No holds barred Q&A session baby. You can ask my advice on things in your life since I am brilliant. You can ask me personal questions. No baby, I will not let you suck my dick, I am married. Ok I will try not to lie in the future. Anyhow. Get your questions in anytime on Friday and I will answer as many as possible by the end of the day.

Otherwise I have nothing really interesting to add. I have been exploring the internals of Poker lately. It is impossible to explain the intangibles to people. In a huge way I think these are what make a great player. Sure you can read guys like Poker Gnome who are very good and they might teach you how to get that 1% more ROI on that 3-bet in late position or some such thing like that. However if you can not reach into the depths of your soul and figure out how to be at peace with your game you will never be a winner. Ok. I guess it is POSSIBLE some spaz like Mike The Mouth could be a winner without inner peace but not you dick for brains. So shut up. Fuck even the Mouth has figured out that his mental attitude costs him a ton of success.

Peace out motherfuckers. I will be playing the Mookie tonight. Even though I lost the bet I think I should be on top of the leaderboard. It only makes sense. So I am going to make it happen.


Blogger Gnome said...

Ya, agreed. Preventing tilt/being at peace with your game is far more important than squeezing out a little extra EV.

2:25 PM

Blogger lightning36 said...

What - the tell is that I suck? lol

You are such a freaking lucky piece of donkey crap. The only other piece of crap player who gets that lucky sometimes is .... shit - it's me!

What a blast playing last night. The best part was ripping NumbBono, who was unable to respond due to a chat block. Gooood times.

3:00 PM


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