Thursday, October 02, 2008

Short People

It is the Blogfathers fifth year of bloggin. What does Iggy mean to me besides little man dwarf sex. I have been around the little fellow for almost his entire run at Guinness and Poker. I remember my first days as a newbie blogger and how the tiny fellow made me feel like a part of a bigger community. I now realize that he only did this because he enjoyed laughing at my miserable train wreck of poker play in those early days.

Every time I would sit down at a Party Poker table he would show up. I thought it was because he liked me but now I realize that he crunched the numbers and could make more from me at a fifty cent table than he could five tabling 5/10 LHE. Proof that even though his body may be tiny his mind is not.

You as readers of his blog might not realize that he actually knows anything about poker. I personally have never seen him write one bit of original poker theory in all the years I have read him. It appears at first glance he knows nothing at all about poker but is great at cutting and pasting. However I have been blessed by the opportunity to speak with him on girlie chat. Let me assure you he really does not know anything about poker. He keeps encouraging me to be a better player and to really deeply understand poker at a higher level. Positive proof he knows not what he does.

He always answers my questions with a "depends", more proof that his fundamental skills are weak. Somehow lately though I have really begun to understand what he has been saying to me all along and that really makes me a much better player. You're a good friend Mr. Iggy and I feel really blessed to know you. Congratulations on the anniversary of your blog. May there be many more.


Blogger Fuel55 said...

Vive L'Iggy ...

2:10 PM

Blogger $mokkee said...


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Blogger Ignatious said...

this softer, gentler waffles freaks me out.

thanks my man. :)

4:12 PM


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