Monday, September 29, 2008

Politics and WoW

So we are finding out that Pallin is a ditz. Is this a surprise? While you fucking egg heads were pissing your pants over that advanced Calculus quiz Pallin was out LIVING. She was shooting down beer kegs and giving out blow jobs in the bathroom. Because SHE IS PRETTY and YOU ARE NOT. So you have a HUGE head start on her. Give the lady a break. "Tits for Vice President" - Waffles Approved.

On the WoW front I actually did a very fun quest last night.

I headed up to Tarren Mill. In a graveyard I met up with this really pissed off dead guy. Apparently the humans of Southshore killed him AND BURIED HIM! OMG WTF! I relate as I am an undead rogue on this server because a blogger asked me to. He will remain nameless because he will kick my ass if I out him as a WoW nerd.

Anyway this fucker made me run all over the place charging up his scepter. Then I snuck down to Southshore which is an alliance town. I crept down there with my rogue and planted the scepter in his grave, expecting him to summon a vast horde of undead killers to spread his deadly vengeance. The guy comes and I watch him walking around the graves. He is not doing anything. Just walking and looking around. So I am getting kind of pissed off at him. I turn to the huge hulking Tauren warrior blogger and say "Go get a guard to come over here".. so he chases down a guard and brings him back.

Holy fuck. My guy flips out then and starts this dark magic casting. He calls doom upon the helpless guard and summons four fiends from the grave to destroy the poor fool. I cackle with glee. My brutish friend who has much brawn but not too many brains decides he will jump on his Kodo and pull in a whole town full of guards. He succeeds but is slain in the process. My powerful dead friend destroys the guards the warrior brought. I then un-stealth and fall on the floor laughing my head off.

Unfortunately my cackles of glee attract the attentions of a high level Paladin. The self righteous fool comes charging in at me. "By all that is holy I smite you Horde Rogue!" he yells. I tremble in my boots because he is much much higher level than I am. He swings at me once and then my sorcerer looks at him and yell "By all that is UNHOLY you will die Paladin scum!".. and before the defender of light can take another swing at me he is surrounded by four more ghouls who all start wacking the shit out of him. He quickly turns from me and tries to defend himself. I return to my previous howling in glee. He runs off with my defenders in hot pursuit. Eventually with the help of the guards they defeat my evil minion. However as a wise rogue I have stealthed a long time ago and am watching from a distance.

My grumbling warrior friend finally makes it back but before we can continue adventuring he has to go change some poopy diapers. So our night is over but a fun one it was, at least for me.


Blogger 1Queens Up1 said...

You know, in FFXI we had linkshells (clans, guilds, whatever) that were role-playing clans.
Every self-respecting player in that game laughed at them heartily.

Is that Magic the Gathering Nerds making fun of D&D folks?

12:57 PM

Blogger ScottMcM said...

for gods sake dont out him!

12:07 PM


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