Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Tonight is the Mookie. Final possible chance to catch up to LJ. She has done her best and has put this pretty much out of reach. We need to get around eighty people to join in order for me to have a shot.

My last two sessions of poker have sucked balls. I have dropped like a hundred each time to asshats who get incredibly fucking lucky. To be honest I am not even feeling like playing tonight. I guess my mood might perk up if we do actually get the eighty people we need but I am annoyed right now. Oh well.


Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Isn't there still one more day before the Mookie man?

I'm going to pimp this shit tomorrow and let's see if we can get it up to 80. That would be fun in its own right, an 80-person Mookie.

9:04 AM

Blogger BamBam said...

OH great ! The one time I may be able to mookie on a Wednesday.... And it gets moved to a Tuesday!

Very fuckin' NICE !

OH wait.... it's still on Wednesday!

9:04 AM

Blogger Bayne_S said...

Ship the $100 now you have lost your mind.

9:36 AM

Blogger Mondogarage said...

"I am not even feeling like playing tonight."

Good thing you don't have to.

Any chance of an absolute tie at the top?


10:12 AM

Blogger Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

if you are 1 person shy of 80, doesn't manaic 57 sign in and play too?

If It wasn't vs. bayne and LJ, i'd offer an overlay for laughts and giggles.

10:15 AM

Blogger Mike Maloney said...

Mookie on Tuesday, whoo!

11:02 AM


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