Monday, January 12, 2009


So I was bored and signed up for the Facebook this weekend. Mostly Poker Enthusiast and Carmen's fault with maybe a little Rockdog thrown in. I thought his porn site recommendations were pretty good. Amateur video is somehow refreshing. I am somewhat confused. Not that the site is not easy to use. However I know everyone as "AlCantHang" or "JJ". Never got the whole real name thing. So now when someone sends me a contact invitation I am not sure if it is a blogger or some weird gay sex thing.

I can see the amusement of the Facebook a little though. Kind of a cool thing. I am already working on the next great app. Like something that when you update your status on Facebook it twitters it and writes a blog post for you. See too many applications to keep up to date.

Always nice to have hot chicks write on your wall too!


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