Friday, January 02, 2009


I won 1,000,0000 Sklansky bucks this morning. I am going to find some poker whore groupie that takes these in exchange for sex. Hopefully she will be fat and ugly so I can bust this slump.

The highlights were getting capped by AJ vs my KK and then capped on the flop AND THEN he turns the ACE and tells me the pot was too big to fold. I agree with him in general but the POT IS TOO BIG BECAUSE YOUR A FUCKING IDIOT!

I finally busted out on this brilliant play. I have Jacks'R'Ok. I cap pre-, cap the flop, cap the turn putting my last money in. He flips up AK unimproved... and rivers a fucking Ace. I swear full tilt puts 900 Aces in the fucking deck.

Limit Holdem can be annoying.

So cmon fat groupie chick I need to bust this slump fast!


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