Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Stupid blogger series. I am running really bad when I am not playing bad. The first hand of the night I end up with 77444 boat vs quads. I somehow get away from that because Astin makes a small value bet and I just feel like he has me beat. I think my game will improve when I just say fuck it and fold there.

So I am getting low and call an all in bet on the turn with KJ on a Jxx board vs AT. Why this guy jammed I will never understand. He had nothing. So I dodged the Ace on the river there then get involved in another head scratching hand. I raise from EP with my hand. Representing something big. I have mad respect and a shortish stack so I get like 4 callers. Being the ballah I am I pot the flop of AQ7. Represent and you can win. The pot sized bet leaves me with like 600 behind. Obviously no fold equity. However I am representing strong so why not. Retard that jammed his AT jams me again. Now I have to be way behind here but the night had been up and down and like I said I had zero fold equity. So I call with my 53 s000ted bayybeee. The guy turns up his AQ.. BWAHAHAHA This is the Riverfuckers. Obviously he turned up 56 s000ted. Honestly a totally retarded play. I was totally shocked. He did have the flush draw though so I guess that is worth your entire stack as well as 10% of your stack pre-flop. I guess representing hands against total morons is bad poker. So the turn peals off a seven and I am like highly likely to split the pot, save my ass, and make a few hundred chips from the other lame ass folds. The poker gods were cruel last night though and a six peals off on the river. Any non-diamond seven or higher or a three and I am saved and the fucking six comes.

Scott then convinces me to go play HA with him. I told him my luck was horrible and I did not want to play but he bribed me. Eventually we get into this hand where I have the second nut straight with the second nut flush draw heads up against him with the nut straight and the nut flush draw. Seriously fucking nasty cooler HU. At least I think it is but who the fuck knows. I actually was hitting some hot hands in the game but got no action at all. Some of my better hands got totally fucked too like when I had A267 two diamonds and flop comes 349 with two diamonds. Scott calls a pot bet with 49, and turns a four of fucking diamonds of course. I slowed down at the paired board but lost a little. At least I only lost twenty five on the night.

On the political front I was kind of wondering why our country can come up with billions of dollars for war, and trillions of dollars for bailing out business ventures but our schools go to hell and people cry that we have no money to invest in our future. I guess what it really means is rich people who can send their kids to private school decide that public schools are not worth it. No wonder our kids are getting dumber and our innovations are becoming limited to stuffing more porn on our hard drives. Not a very good sign.

See you all tonight at the Skillz.


Blogger lightning36 said...

Twice last week (once in a blogger tournament and once in a SNG) I had guys jam with A-10 after the flop with nothing more than ace high. Of course, both times they spiked an ace on the tutn or the river. Am I missing something here???

10:13 AM

Blogger Loretta8 said...

wow that guy with 65s took you straight to value town

10:49 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I think I played my 53 like Sucko would. :P.

12:21 PM

Blogger Champ said...

I'm that guy, and I'll do it again.

1:48 PM

Blogger StB said...

If you give money to schools, the teacher's union will take it and pay off wild bonuses to the principals whose kids are failing miserably. See South Carolina.

6:31 AM


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