Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Waffles Funny Stories To Tell JMAN

My son is fascinated by any crazy or retarded story I tell him about my life. Sort of like you losers. So he constantly bugs me for something but I have selective memory. So here is one I just remembered.

I was out partying or something one night and the designated driver took me home. I went up stairs and fell asleep. In the morning I go outside and the guy is there asleep in my driveway. I guess he wanted to catch a few zzz's before heading home. Being the good guy I am I slide up to his window and YELL AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS "OMFG A CAR! WATCHOUT! AHHHHH"... He bolts out of a sound sleep and grabs the wheel in abject horror twisting it in every direction trying to avoid the car. Funny as hell.


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That is funny as hell.

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