Sunday, April 19, 2009

JJOK Sucks Balls

Haha. Just kidding Bro. I had fun owning you though. Somehow I won playing NLHE cash. The most memorable hands were against JJ. I had one of those sessions where you do everything right against someone. Every bluff I got JJ to fold. Every value bet paid off. Heck I even got a few bucks off of ScottyMc. To be fair to the Jack Lover he was having a bad day before I came. You can tell someone is having a bad time when you hit a semi-disguised flush and the other guy rivers trips. Sort of have to pay off a value bet there. Ended up having a lot of fun and making a buyin. Not too shabby.


Blogger ScottMcM said...

thats not a win Pancake... that is scoring 5 runs in the 6th and losing the game 15 to 5

9:45 AM


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