Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Winnah Winnah Chicken Dinnah

After starting out with a bit of a suck night things turned around. I started out way in the hole when I turned two pair vs a flopped set. A few suckouts with retarded hands and I was quickly down a buyin heading towards two. All of this before I even sat for a second with Scott. I admit I was getting a little frustrated by the time Scott sat down and I went up against his flopped set of eights with my tens. Runner Runner straight and Scott was down a buyin while I was nearing break even. I was able to get my stack up another buyin before giving some of it back.

I have to say that my winning the suckout hand against Scott is what kills me about Poker. I mean you can get in having a guy crushed and take a soul pounding beat. To his credit after swearing at me he ended up making three buyins at that table. Not too shabby for a bald old guy. He never got his money back from me though.

Scott constantly tells me "Did you win?" whenever I ask if I played a hand right. In a sense he is right. No one hand really matters. Of course if you consistently misplay all your hands then you might have a problem.

LJ showed up for some of the fun as well as APOSEC. I tried to nail LJ with my Aces but there were too many people left to act after her and I only got to stack one guy.

I may have some leaks when I have a huge stack against short stackers. I had hands like 77 vs QQ on a 456 board with like 7$ in the pot and APOSEC having $10 behind. I felt like he had me beat but for ten bucks I figure I might as well ship it. I pretty much flopped as good as possible without hitting my seven. I had a few hands like that with short stacked people. Such as raising AK s00ted 2x and getting called by hands like 84o and 86o. Both times the opponent flopped two pair to my TPTK and TPTK Flush redraw. I was drawing dead to a turned 86 boat with my flush redraw. If these opponents had more chips I probably get away from the hands but how do you fold on a K86 board to an 8$ stack who just called off $1 pre-flop with his crappy 86o? I am at a loss. Either I am spewing too much to these retarded fucks when I have a huge stack or since they are short maybe I should say fuck it and go for it.

It ended up costing me a full buyin between those three hands. I went down from my initial $80 surge to $50+ ending. I was able to exact some revenge on the 86o guy before the end of the night though. That is always fun. He called YET another of my AK raises with his K2 s000ted. He turned a flush draw and called my jam for his entire stack. He then slunk away with his tail between his legs.

So anyway as usual I am not sure about how I should be playing the cash games. I grinded my way back to even from a down night which I am somewhat proud of even if part of it was on a massive suckout against Scott. I also profited against Scott for the second night in a row. No easy feat. I will probably be hitting the tables again tonight to see if I can keep on rolling. See you there.


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