Monday, May 11, 2009


I have been thinking about this lake chick a lot. On the one hand I think I might have standards. I really have no attraction to stupid women. I think having some sort of attraction is probably a good idea when having sex.

On the other hand my dark side comes out and wonders if I could get her to do the things in my porn movies. Like stick my dick in her ass, then in her mouth. I mean fuck man that's dirty. Eat out of a dog dish before lapping up my cum? How far would she go.

My good side then says "WTF DUDE! Your twisted!!". *sigh*


Blogger pokerpeaker said...

Dude aren't you getting a divorce? This is PERFECT therapy. Do it. And then write a post about it. Just don't do anything weird at first. Have fun.

3:15 PM

Blogger jjok said...

I don't even know how anyone can respond to this post.

3:26 PM

Blogger DrChako said...

Wait... you have a good side?


11:14 PM

Blogger smokkee said...

ya ATM has two meanings.

one you're really good at, the other you have no chance.

2:51 AM

Blogger Loretta8 said...

seek therapy


4:04 PM


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