Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Public Service Announcement

Dear friends I felt I needed to give you this public service announcement. I was talking to my friend about sex and staying power. He started to go on about how weed extends your staying ability and causes you to feel greater amounts of pleasure. I was not convinced but will probably experiment in the future. I then tell him that he just needs to focus on something else. If I am with an extremely attractive woman and feel like I am going to blow it, literally and figuratively, then I employ the mathematical method of cool down which consists of running binary numbers until I can chill a bit. He then told me he tried to focus on his grandma and it did not work.

.. whaaa? ..

I am rarely stunned in a conversation as you can probably tell from reading my blog. However this really blew my mind. Please people do not do this. It is way dangerous and you will regret it. You will start hanging out in front of nursing homes. You may ask your girlfriend to start wearing granny panties. At Christmas you will ask granny to sit on your lap trying to rub one out and hoping she does not realize it. Please use another approach. This is NOT the right way to do it. This has been a public service announcement from Waffles.


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