Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Delightful State of Waffles

Being Waffles you never know when it is going to happen but you are always sure it is coming.

I have been a little out of commission all weekend. The revenge of the gout is back again. It does not feel so great when your joint above your big toe swells up and causes enough pain to wake you up a few times a night. I even resorted to taking a few aspirin which I never do. Today I HAD to be in work at 7AM since the boss is gone for two weeks. I have it rough. The worst part about this thing is I have missed my walks for the past two days. I did play some basketball on the sore toe on Saturday and pretty much regret that decision. I am probably going to hobble in a short walk today at lunch.

As far as comments about why I play nitty stakes in poker when I obviously could play much higher. I think this has a lot to do with self awareness. I know I live in my own world that only slightly mirrors reality but I also know myself pretty well. When I started online gambling I decided I would never invest a lot of money into it. The obvious reason being that I could easily be a compulsive gambler. I have all the good signs. The highs and lows from wins. The chasing the loses. Tilting off bankrolls. I could easily see myself as that guy who robbed a bank because his gambling debts became too high. So I stick to my advertising money and keep it as a slightly less addictive hobby. Someday I may go a little further. I will probably play more live games when I am single. Even when I do that though I leave my ATM card at home and bring however much I want to lose.

Hope everything is well with you all.


Blogger 1Queens Up1 said...

good that means foxwoods and mohegan runs. Lemme know!

6:54 AM


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