Thursday, July 30, 2009


This totally sucks. Have not been able to exercise all week except a feeble attempt on Tuesday. I took yesterday off and was feeling pretty good all day. I ate a ton of Blueberries which are supposed to reduce concentrations of uric acid in your system and it seemed to actually help. Today I am sore as hell again. Had to put my boots on which was pure agony. Having a real good time.


Blogger DuggleBogey said...

Go to your doctor. My Father in law had it in June and got a prescription that cleared it up in HOURS. Same as a coworker. He had it earlier this year was fine the next day.

8:35 AM

Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

I had the same thing about 15 years ago. It was in my foot, and at first I thought I had a broken bone -- yes, it's painful. Went to orthopedist and the Rx cleared it up as DuggleBogey says.

9:27 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

You mean doctors are useful? FUCK!

9:56 AM

Blogger BigPirate said...

Indomethecin has been the only thing that helps me once an acute case sets in. I usually don't have to take the full course before it resolves. If I wake up with just a twinge, I usually take naproxen and it resolves most of the time.

There is a daily med that prevents attacks, but I haven't asked for it because I am going to lose weight and modify my diet, right?

There has been a resurgence in gout and they are working on new meds.

2:24 PM


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