Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Ask the Librarian

So "The Librarian" has been reading the blog. She has made a few comments. So I figured it might be fun to open it up to your questions / comments / warnings. So ask away. Warn her of what she is in store for with Waffles. Fire away. Should be interesting. I will get her comments and answers and post them up in a day or so.


Blogger Drizztdj said...

Instead of having Waffles play virtual poker with us, do you think it would be more efficient if he'd just send the money via PayPal?

Would you attend a December gathering of degenerates and Packer fans?

10:47 AM

Blogger Iak said...

What is like being Waffles' imaginary girlfriend? What are the other voices in our boys' head like? Is it considered autoeroticism if your hallucinogenic girlfriend has adult relations with you or is there some better, more accurate word for the kind of thing?

Just off the top of my head... but rest assured given another half hour I could generate enough to start another blog.

11:23 AM

Blogger The Librarian said...

Drizztdj.....As a matter of fact I would probably recommend Waffles just float a couple of bucks your way and call it square. He's fun, but not the best at keeping his cash. lol. As far as attending a December gathering I think it would be quite fun! Getting to know the people in his life would be a trip I'd love to take!!!

Lak.... being an imaginary girlfriend is awesome! I get all the perks but none of the drama!! Just how I like it!! The various voices are a little loud at times and hard to understand. There are times when there is too much going on but it all comes to a head and then ebbs away, so it is nice. As far as the autoeroticism is concerned it would mean I don't exist, and I do, very proudly exist. Waiting for the next smooth, silky embrace from waffles. MMMMMMMM- Waffles ;)

I enjoyed your questions and encourage more. I promise to answer all. :)

The Librarian

PS: Go PATS!!! :P

10:45 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Her first answer to your question Drizz was: Yes it would be but it would not be as much fun. I thought that was much better.

6:54 AM

Blogger lightning36 said...

A question for The Librarian: Tell the truth -- are you really proud of your son Waffles?

2:49 PM

Blogger The Librarian said...

Waffles as a son...... that would be most interesting. I would have much to look forward to, mainly being asked if and how often I went down on his father. That never have been the case nor the oppotunity arise, I can safely say I'm very glad he is NOT my son. I find the apprehension to believe in my existence is very amusing. It makes me wonder if a ficticious female has been in Waffle's past.

I must also make a correction. I addressed a comment to 'Lak' when it should have been 'iak'. It was a case of mistaken capitalization, please forgive me.

I hope you each have a splendid evening!!
The Librarian

2:37 PM

Blogger Iak said...

If this girl is really real, I will happily pick up tab to fly her to Vegas for December Waffles. It would be a break even prospect no matter how it turned out!Seriously very cool of you/she [thats a brand new category of being fyi] to indulge us.

word verification: tween.

8:07 PM

Blogger The Wife said...

(I like how Drizz has included "degenerates and Packer fans" as if the two are mutually exclusive - a compliment, I think).

My question . . . Are you prepared to go out in public knowing that we know that he's pictured you in a traditional librarian outfit, wearing something decidedly NON-librarian underneath?

11:03 PM

Blogger The Librarian said...

Wife-- indeed, I don't mind being seen in 'Librarian' regalia, since I can just grab it from my closet! I've even got horn-rimmed glasses to top it off!! As far as underneath...A commonly unknown fact about book lovers: we get our best ideas from literature, including how to dress (or undress for that matter). All is an art, both outside and underneath!

Iak, your offer is simply sensational. I would love to meet each of you. Your internet personalities seem too interesting to pass up. I'll discuss it with Waffles and see what he says. It is, after all, up to him to keep me 'imaginary' or not.


12:50 PM


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