Thursday, October 08, 2009

Mookless in Seattle

I played in the Mookie the other night. Where is that Motherfucker who started this stupid game anyways? The Mook is probably not good for my bankroll or mental attitude but entirely fun. It was actually a crazy night. I normally am so much better than everyone I play that they look ridiculous and piss me off. Last night was totally opposite.

It was nice to have CK on my table... erm, at my table.

The first major smackdown came when I went all in against Iaatg. He called off most of his stack with AJ but was well ahead of my KJ. The board ended up giving us both boats to the Jack. Sick.

I then played decently solid to take out Heffmike. I called his shortish stack shove with a good Ace and took it down.

I then laid out the SICKEST beat on MHG. The flop came KK4 two diamonds. We both had a King, mine being KT to his KJ. I am sorry but that is one hard laydown. So I put him all in when he bet the flop hoping that either he was bluffing, racing for a flush, or had some hand like Jacks. I was totally wrong and looking doomed until the ten pealed off on the turn crippling the poor boy.

The night was not to be though. Some nights you just play a hyper aggressive game. You just can not settle down for the SNG/MTT circuit. It was one of those nights as proven out by my 0-2 SNG record and my Mookie finish.

Iaatg on a short stack limped his Aces. So I jammed my AK and he happily called. Even if he jams there I am calling his short stack with that hand. The flop and turn did give me a QJ but the ten never materialized on the river. Poker is so rigged.

Soon after DaMan jammed me in the SB when I raised the CO. I decided to gamble a little and called off around half my stack with KQ s000ted. I was in GREAT shape against A9 off. The turn gave me a flush draw for 15 outs but it was not to be. I wiffed and was back to slightly under starting stack.

I finally shipped it to CK with two pair on an all diamond flop. She had the K4 diamonds. I was alright with shipping it in there. It was obvious I did not have the patience for the night and I had a decent hand albeit not very many outs.

So all in all it was a good night. Unlike Hoyazo's (never will be linked) predictions of doom and gloom the Mookie was pretty full with 28 peeps or so. I think his prediction of the demise of the Mookie is only his second dumbest prediction this month followed by Angels over the Red Sox. How the hell can you make that prediction with the history the two teams have? Can you say choke Angels choke? If they win a playoff series against the Red Sox ONCE then you can start picking them but right now the Sox have to be major favorites.

During non-BBT times this is an average number. The conversation was good although I admit to being distracted by a stupid Apple Mac for a while at the beginning. MHG was busy dressing CK up as a WoW Rogue while she was saying "WTF? Nerds! ug!". Some interesting conversations about girl on girl tea bagging too. See what you all have been missing? Even the illustrious Bone Daddy made an appearance.

Cardgrrlll and Rakewell partook (and tookdown the whole thing to boot) in the fun. I don't think they like me much. I said "hi" in my nicest voice and not even a peep back. I must have called them fucktards or sometime in the past. Although I do not recall ever doing so. So many outbursts so little memory.

The usual's like BuddyDonk, ScottMc, Bayne, Lightbulb and a bunch more of the crew were there.

I even avoided getting angry to the sorrow of the Mookie participants. Nothing like a good Waffles rant! I never get mad when I get my money in bad. I still need to work on losing my sense that poker, odds, and justice are a part of any one hand.

On a side note I had a great idea. A Firefox addon that will link everyone up automagically for me. It takes soooo fricken long to add all the links!


Blogger The Blue Knave said...

Appreciate you putting the links in though... it's fun finding all the poker bloggers.

8:33 AM

Blogger 23skidoo said...

Gee and no mention of your old buddy skidoo who helped you with said pos Apple Mac. geez

9:56 AM

Blogger BWoP said...

Thank you for the chips!

Unfortunately, I gave them all to Cardgrrl when I shoved AQ on the button into her KK in the BB at the final table.

Take care of that bank account :-)

1:37 PM

Blogger lightning36 said...

Looks like you linked ALMOST everyone.

9:15 PM


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