Friday, October 09, 2009

Poker Plan

So I have enacted yet another plan to do well in my poker playing. I am keeping to smallish stakes for my bankroll and grinding away. We shall see how it goes. I also plan to cashout half my bankroll when I hit a certain point.

Last night was decent. I grinded the stud-8 for hours and made a fifteen cent profit. ug. Thank goodness for rakeback right? Breakeven making money BOOYAH! I also got to play some poker with the lovely CarmenSinCity. Have you ever met such a beautiful woman? She actually has some VERY good posts opening up about her life. Worth a read.

I went 1-1 in the SNG games but the one that I took home was for first. So I pretty much broke even or made a couple bucks. Advertising and Rakeback should come out soon to pad the bankroll. So in general things are moving in the right direction.

The only games I have played outside of my roll have been Blogger games. See I knew bloggers were the source of all my ruination. Either by tempting me into doing bad stuff or making riddonkulous suckouts. You all make it hurt so good.


Blogger Sean D said...

A post in your honor is coming.

7:57 AM


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