Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day Two-B, Where I Fall in Love

I was ready to crash. The poker tourney was over. I had like three hours sleep all of that non-rem beer induced passed out sleep. I am old. I am lame. I admit it. LoveElf would not let me woos out though. She was sporting a nice new hair cut and looking good. How could I resist a blond? So we grabbed RayRay and decided to do a pub crawl from Caesar's to the IP. I did not want to get too loaded. LoveElf said "Drink up! Amuse me!". Everybody loves a drunk Waffles. So we hit the first bar for a few beers. We took pictures so we could play "Where's Waffles". Pro Tip - When you play Where's Waffles you need to REMEMBER where you took the pictures.

Finally we hit some shithole casino. It was there I saw the woman of my dreams. I knocked back a shot of Patron Silver as I watched her work. Elf made me do the whole procedure. Salt. Shot. Lime! BOOM! I one shotted it. I have pictures to prove it! As I met her eyes she smiled at me. She was a dark haired beauty. Dressed in chaps, undies, a tee-shirt and not much else she danced for me. We connected on a deep, soul filled level. I waved goodbye to my love. We will meet again!!

I added a few sips of a shitty beer that I could not stand and a really good frozen margarita to my tally. I never really hit escape velocity but I was somewhat amusing. RayRay decided to play some poker with a few bloggers and LoveElf and I went off for some noodles. I grabbed a noodle soup and she got some dish. I think the food saved me from getting plastered. It was not very good. The noodles were more like pasta. It did the job though.

LJ wandered by a little later and sat down and helped herself to LoveElf's entire noodle dish. To be fair I do not think Elf liked it much. It was pretty funny though.

We finally made it over to the IP leaving Smokkee to his poker game. I was the body guard making sure LoveElf got there safely. Perhaps it was the other way around. Who knows. The IP was hopping like usual. Everyone was still there. Iggy was playing Roshambo with a joyous giant woman. Chat happened. People drank. I finally crashed and headed back to the hotel. LoveElf and Smokkee were still going strong. I told you I was a wimp. Next up people fade my pics as usual.


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