Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fight Night

Stupid Bitch Wife. WTF does she think she is doing yelling at me? Fucking retard. It was so stupid too. The boy wanted to transfer his Rogue to our Alliance server. The cost is $25 and then $25 for a Faction change so he can join the good guys. We were going to make him do chores so he could earn it. We both thought this was a good idea. The boy then came up with his own idea -- I have fucking 25 bucks, why should I do your fucking lame ass chores? So I took his money and initiated the transfer. The wife then comes down and yells at me. Saying how we agreed he does chores, blah blah blah. Fucking cunt.

First off. What are we trying to teach the boy when we make him do chores for something? We are teaching him he has to work hard and save up to get things. We are not an ATM machine. New flash. If he ALREADY worked hard and earned the money then he has done what we asked.

Secondly. What does you telling him he can not spend his money to get the transfer tell him? Your a fucking idiot kid. You do not know what to spend your money on? I think this is the LEAST of the bad messages it sends.

Third. The REALLY REALLY bad message it sends is the feminasi I am a fucking woman and you will obey me message. Fuck that shit. You do not own the boy. Screw you. I DO NOT need him learning that message. Fucking idiot. I get enough of your men are worthless messages everyday. I will not let you do that to my son.

Seriously. Think about WHY we are making him do things not your own little fucking power trip. So she comes down and starts yelling at me. Like that is gonna work. SO I told her to shut the fuck up. I called her a fucking idiot cunt and told her to get the fuck out of my face.

Stupid bitch thinks she is like still blowing me or something. No fucking way she is going to talk to me like that anymore. I really think that this is a sign from god. He is saying "Tell that fucking cunt to fuck off". WTG GOD! Seriously though I am wayyyyy too fucking nice. I think I am finally reaching my boiling point. It is one thing to want to split up nicely and get everything done and give her time to get things together but she thinks she still owns me.

That shit needs to end now. I need to get off my ass and take back control of everything. If she wants anything she can fucking beg me for it. Fucking cunt. If she wants to play that fucking game I guarantee I will win.


Blogger Schaubs said...

Well said dude.

The kids are what matter most, be patient and do what's best for them.

8:51 PM

Blogger Riggstad said...

"All Bitches must fucking hang!"

That should be your new mantra!

8:13 AM

Blogger Bayne_S said...


it is -EV to yell at wife.

Worst case scenario, she is upset, tells her new boyfriend.

He listens feigning understanding and wises up getting the fuck away from her.

Wife does not rush divorce so she can marry new boyfriend.

You continue to not have enough combined money for two residences in Dover

12:47 PM

Blogger PokahDave said...

That is solid advice from Bayne....dead on...

1:11 PM

Blogger jamyhawk said...

"Seriously though I am wayyyyy too fucking nice"


6:55 AM


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