Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Poker at Stars

Played with the first of Bayne's blood money. I decided to take two shots at the 180's on Stars. I used to own those big time. I played really well until the end. I am not sure if I got bored or tired or what. I ended up stacking off with top pair vs AA. I knew he had it too. If I kept focused I probably would never have even been in the hand.

On the good side it was with 26 people left so I think I have good equity in these games if I stick to my strategy and keep focused. Perhaps tonight with Ghost Hunters keeping me amused I can finish off strong.


Blogger AlCantHang said...

"I used to own those big time.

There is nothing in poker, past or present, that you have ever "owned".

Unless you count your current reign as 2004 to 2010 Most Delusional Poker Player. That you've earned quite well.

11:56 AM


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