Friday, January 15, 2010

Help Haiti Even If you Can't Spell it

Stole the idea from Riggs to steal LJ's post on Hati? Hatti? Haiti? Fucking Foreigner debil worshipers!!! Learn to spell. I do not post this because I am a good person. I would not want you to get the wrong impression. I post because I find it HIGHLY amusing watching people "Helping" Haitians while at the same time saying "@#%^ YOU @^@&MUNCHER YOU @#$%^&* CAN'T PLAY POKER WORTH @%#%!!!!"

CR instructor Verneer is organizing donations for Haiti here and has already raised over 6k, and FTP is also doing a bunch of tournaments and fake tournaments and matching 100%. Cribbed from Brian's blog:

1. Aid For Haiti tournaments: Starting tonight and running through Sunday, there will be a number of “Aid For Haiti” tournaments at a range of buyins for players to participate in. The first one is at 2PM ET (under an hour) and it’s a $5 + $5 ($5 from every entry will be donated).

2. Aid For Haiti “no-play” tournaments: These are “fake” tournaments that won’t run. For anyone that wants to make a direct donation, they can enter one of the 10 different tournaments (all “scheduled” for Sunday at 6pm ET, 3pm PT) and not worry about playing a tournament.

3. An “Aid For Haiti” user has been set up for direct P2P transfers. Anyone can transfer any amount greater than $5 to that player ID.

All money raised will be matched by Full Tilt Poker and sent to various charities, so for every dollar you donate, an additional dollar from FTP will be directed toward helping the cause. Personally I will be making a direct donation, as well as possibly playing in some of the tournaments. I urge anyone who can help, even a little, to do so as well.


for those who don't want to use poker monies (like me) you can donate directly through red cross here.

also, timex (mike mcdonald), one of our team CR pros, organized a 20+20 super turbo this sunday at 1:35 pm. the tourney ID is 132657628.

apparently pokerstars is matching donations. info on their blog.

lastly via riggs: You can TEXT right from your mobile phone. text “Haiti” to 90999 and your phone will be auto billed for $10 and go directly to help efforts.


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