Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Have you ever noticed how different games have different kinds of tilt. For instance No Limit Holdem. It is a passionate, quick, sweaty tilt. It consumes you with fire as you place buyin after buyin on the table. In the end, like any good steamy romance, it leaves you hollow wistful and broken, empty, and wondering what happened.

Stud is a more insidious tilt. It is slower and more disguised. You may not even notice it. It is mature like the octogenarians who frequent the many oxygen tank filled casinos of the world. You start thinking that your three cards to both high and low draws look kinda good on fifth street. The other guy sucked out his boat on the river.. why not you. You maybe win a few hands. In the end, like the old people who play, you wind up with a load of crap in your pants and not too much more.


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