Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh Oh Vikings

Wow. Not only did they lose. The savior of the whole nation.. the Purple Jesus.. coughed up the loss for them. Now you can not blame the whole game on him.. but the Vikings had the ball and possibly could have charged down the field. Was it the Waffles curse? Are the Vikings just suffering from some aversion to success.. I know that feeling. Awesome game to watch though.

So now I leave it up to you. I went 7-8 for the week. Not great. Almost breakeven though. Should I put up some picks for the final game of the regular season? Can your team pull out a last minute win against the Waffles curse like the Eagles? Will they go down in flames like the Vikings? Does your team even have anything to fight for? Do you want to risk it? Cast your vote in the comments.. if you dare..


Blogger BWoP said...

If you really like me, you will not cooler my team.

Think about it this way. Whom do you like better, StB or me?

1:18 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

See you should have given me pity sex while you had the chance! Ok. I will take that as 1 vote for NO PICKS GOD PLEASE NO!

2:45 PM


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