Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Politics and Football

It looked like I was going to go 4-0 this weekend until the Chargers choked. I was pretty much dead on my analysis of the game though. It was the hardest to pick. It did come down to if the Chargers would lay down like bitches again or actually play. I almost feel sorry for the fans of this team. It was like Indy before Payton got that donkey off his shoulders. I guess I need to never pick the Chargers again in the playoffs until they show they can win a game that counts.

As for why my cooler powers did not doom the teams I chose.. I think they figured out too many people were doing good with them so they had to start a market correction. Once all the gamblers who lost money fading me hate me enough again they will return to normal.

Picks for next weekend: Colts and Vikings.

JJ and I had a fun political discussion. He wanted to know who I was voting for in the election today.

Waffles: My town was SOOOOO crowded this morning with the stupid election what fucking loser are you gonna pick.. the cunt bag loser or the dooche bag loser?
JJ: haha. Go Scott Brown!!! Are you gonna vote?
Waffles: No. I hate voting. I am disillusioned.
JJ: Lets put it another way if you were to vote, who would you vote for?
Waffles: Probably Scott Brown because I don't think railroading some health plan so Obama can go down in history as someone who did something is a great idea..
JJ: haha
Waffles: what am I wrong
JJ: no. I just find the logic funny
Waffles: What its totally logical. I am pure logic man.
JJ: Not funny as in bad but funny as in "it's amazing how people react to this election". Honestly, you're in good company and I think you are right it's just amazing to me.
Waffles: I am not against National Healthcare and killing old people in Obama death camps. I am all for that. I just do not like that the Democrats have all the power and no checks on this. Hell I will sign my Mom up for the first Obama Health death panel but it needs to be more partisan.
JJ: well, I guess we'll see how it turns out.
I just find this election amazing.

and on some other profound thinking..

Waffles: I often wonder why the people who change the world the most are the peaceful ones like MLK and Ghandi and I have come to the conclusion it is because everyone is like "what a fucking idiot".. but they REMEMBER those people for their dumb peacefulness and then it kinda catches on..

I also just realized I probably doomed Scott Brown.


Blogger Sean D said...


You've Waffled Scott Brown!

That's sweet! Maybe the snObama man will name a health care sewage dump after you!

You don't have cooler powers. You have powers of inadequacy. :-)

Go vote you disillusioned bastage you!


9:27 AM

Blogger lightning36 said...

Pretty freakin' lame ass for a cooler. I thought that you were gold after the first set of playoff games, and now you are on a streak with football AND politics. Face it -- you're just a regular chump like the others. I may as well flip a coin for this weekend's games.

8:29 PM


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