Saturday, February 20, 2010


1 hour / 400 hands / 6 BI

Sort of makes me feel like I know how to play poker. Current plan. Keep winning. Beat Bayne in our wager. Use my rapidly growing FTP points at 1800 for a 26$ token. Keep on rolling.

Hand of the day. I have AK. Call a re-raise. Possibly a mistake. Flop comes AK6. I call a bet. Turn is a K. Can I get away from AA here? My instincts were saying he had it but I could not let go.

Down a buyin I re-bought and worked it back up to up a BI. This added to my morning session where I crushed for 5 buyins in like 1/2 hour. Now it is time for dinner and some WoW ecconomics later.


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