Thursday, February 18, 2010

RUSSSH Some Moar

1 Hour / 400 Hands / +3 BI

Rush poker is like crack. Although I think it MAKES you play poker like you should. I guess it does not force you but with all the nits it is profitable to be an aggtard. I love that style too.

Hand of the night. Flop is 99x. I have JJ. I make small bets on the flop and turn and get cold called. River is a JACK. I lead out again and dude jams in for 2 buyins. I have him covered and call. If he has 99 then fuck me. If not then fuck him. Turns out he slow played 97 and got ass raped by the river. TYVM Full Tilt RNG.

I made a ton of money bluffing too. I love bluffing. It is better than sex. Well better than sex with the chicks I am sleeping with lately. Have fun. Already doubled the bankroll in three days. Winning is addictive.


Blogger Riggstad said...

It's not nitty play you dope. And you're not bluffing either.

The lure of rush poker is the fact that it gives you the ability to fold your hand and immediately get another. This lends itself to those folks who normally would steal from the c/o through the bb pre to just go away and start a new.

Rush is very easy to play and most likely profit from.

There has to be a way to calculate mathematically the edge. Given the propensity for people to "bluff" with a small raise to get the blinds to auto fold (assuming they did and are actually three hands away from this one already makes it easy to min raise with any 2 and have a high probability of having the rest of the table fold. Conversely, you can repop that min raise from the button through and hope to catch someone who was "stealing" with any two.

Figure those probabilities out and you should 50 table rush poker to make your $50 an hour without really playing poker at all.

However, I predict the doom switch to hit you right quick btw... You never run this good.

5:25 AM

Blogger Hellblood said...

Wow crazy stuff with this 97. What a horrible allin lol. Heck that wasnt a nit but a crazy donk :)

But if your JJ was any good, well ... sure golden end but I guess most of the time when you bet the turn and get called you are simply beat. Either by a bigger overpair or a 9!

7:00 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Exactly Hellblood. So I controlled my opponent by making smallish bets that he just called. He jams I am out. I knew he had a 9 when he called then turn.. then I was ready to give up my hand UNLESS I got very lucky and hit my 2 outer on the river. Once that happened I was happy to call his all in. I don't blame him for not protecting his hand as he was a big favorite.. he would have lost less if he did not jam. Only a better 9 or a boat calls him.

7:56 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Riggs.. What is the difference between waiting for Aces and nittery? Nothing. These people are nits. The ones who play back to any raise are cool. It is profitable. Except when playing a ballah like me who realizes the only reason you raised was because I raised so I bet the flop and force you to fold. Suck it!

8:01 AM


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