Wednesday, February 17, 2010


1/2 Hour. 200 hands. Almost 2 BI profit.

Had another fun night at the tables. Some weird hands.

I raise pre-flop with TT. Flop comes Jxx. I c-bet. Standard. I get called in two places. I check the turn. The river is a king so I bet close to pot. I am trying to control the river not necessarily make people fold. I figure a weak king *might* fold since I am screaming strong king.. also most jacks should fold here. I get called. I swear to high hell. I mean he has to be able to beat TT if he is calling a semi large river bet right? Nope. Ship it! He had 99. I thought for sure when he called he had some hand like KQ KT. Never expected 99.

Next nice hand came really quickly. I raise with AQ diamonds. Get called by the small blind. Flop comes 245. Two diamonds. First position leads out and I opt to call. Turn is a jack. When first position leads out I decide to be a ballah. Represent the Jack. So I push in. I at this time had almost a double stack. The guy snap calls and turns over the ahead hand of 46o. So I had decided to gamble the turn with 9 flush outs, 3 gutter outs, and 6 overcard outs. Obviously I am double counting some outs but all in all not bad. Is my opponent shithouse crazy to call me here? He had my gutter beat so I lost 3 outs but man did I have a ton of cards that would help. I was happy to see a ten of diamonds on the river. Ship!

I then spewed back some. Got back down to up 1 buyin from up 2. I settled down a little and won back close to a buyin. I then decided to just leave. Could I be learning? Nahhhhhh.


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