Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lost Vegas

Dr. Pauly announced today that Lost Vegas is now ready for purchase on Lulu.com.

I will be ordering my copy soon. Dr. Pauly is a really cool guy. His writing is fun as hell to read. The first time I met the guy was on a trip to Foxwoods. Here are some of my initial opinions about the guy for you guys who are too lazy to click.

I was a little nervous about sitting down and playing by myself so I just watched until the good Doctor arrived and took charge. As many of you know Pauly is an average looking guy. He does not dress fancy. His appearance might even be called a little disheveled, much like my own, but I have to say there is something special about him. Call it an aura or a sense of hidden power. A force that flows out from him, making you instantly comfortable in his presence. It has nothing to do with external appearance or what he says or does, it just emanates from his being. He has done a lot of remarkable things so far and I predict much greatness from him in the future.

Now here it is. The greatness I predicted! A sweet ass Vegas book that is going to do awesome things. See how genius I am. I know all. Except how to dodge that two outer on the river. I shall work on that though!

I will review the book once I finish it. I like the cover though. It reminds me of "Resident Evil: Extinction". I loved this poster from the movie. Are there any zombies in your book Pauly?


Blogger Wolfshead said...

Gonna have to read it. I loved the Resident Evil reference. First thing I thought of too.

Hey, watch those comment's on the cub's blog. Keep that up and you guys will be wanting me to bring her to Vegas or whatever gathering I can make.

3:13 PM

Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

Thanks for the bold prediction.

No zombies, but there are midget ninjas in the book.

8:27 AM


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