Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stud Tilt

Tonight is the second game of the season. I need to remember these fuckers names. Goddamit. I have them written down like #10 - Petie. I forget like who did that great job at Catcher the past game... erm... Lucky I had an assistant coach to keep score so the batting lineup will be good. Of course this is the summer league. So this little guy who hits everything and is really fast is out tonight. Doh!

Last night I played the daily dollah with VeryJosie. She suckered me into it. I actually kind of like the event but milling through 4000 donks is hard. It was a sick night for me. I started off great and trippled up. I then called an all in with a made flush. Dude with two pair figured the flush turn card was a good spot to jam. Of course he was right as he went runner-runner boat on my ass when the river spit out another five.

I then flopped trips three times. Every time I lost. The first time the board ran out runner-runner clubs and I had to fold. The second time I was up against a hidden boat of ducks. I kind of thought the player might have ducks but it is hard to get away from trips in the dollar donk. The final hand I overplayed my flopped trips on a flopped flush board. So 96 diamonds was the winner and I was sent to the rail.

I felt a little tilty so I went and played a $20 buyin O8 cash game. I had a straight flush draw on the turn. The turn card was a King. So I jammed my entire stack in. Know what called me? A pair of tens. Not even Ace-Ten. Some crap hand like JT46. One pair. Nada. Even if I was ahead at that point the fucker rivered a third ten so would have won anyways. Wow! How do you call off all your cash with a pair of tens in Omatard! Not even top pair. Scary.

Now I was really steaming.. so I went and played some .50/1 Stud. Again above my bankroll level. I crushed. The table was FULL of donks and I scooped like 5 hands straight with ridiculous hands like 3's full of Jacks. I had one guy call every bet when I was showing 5 spades and 4 low cards on my board. No idea what he was hoping for. I ended up winning 1.5 buyins, playing a couple of STTs, and ending the night up around twenty bucks. Not really the recommended bankroll management technique but I will take it.


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