Thursday, July 08, 2010

I won the Very Josie!

Ok. No I did not win it. However I took about 3 bounties. One was kind of sick. First a little background. Last night my tooth went nova pain. I mean I have been living in a lot of pain because I am a retarded idiot. I need to get a tooth yanked out I think. Something I did last night made it go past that level. So I fucking downed like 6 aspirin and then chugged some cough syrup. OD on childrens cough syrup. This would be a fitting end to Waffles.

Playing in pain is not much fun. I decided to just play pretty wild. I called a lot of raises with Ace-Rags not caring. I flopped top pair most of the time and they actually held. I called a HUGE turn bet from Mondo with an OESD on a two flush board. Normally this is bad. I think my drug cocktail gave me psychic powers though because I said "I am going to suck out on you dude", then the river gave me the nut straight. I pushed my entire stack in and Mondo went home.

Just before the final table breaks I get BamBam all in with JackAce vs Ace Ten and the slippery Canadian Trout wiggles out of my grasp on the turn. I could tell he felt he made a stupid call so I did not yell at him. See there is a method to my madness. I only punish the obliviously stupid.

I was in decent shape as a chip leader with eight left. I decided to race against PokerGrump. He raised from early position so I knew he had a decent hand. I jammed all in after him and had him covered. It shows what a good player he is that he thought instead of instantly calling. He turned up jacks. I lost that race and was down to my last fifteen hundred chips or so. I am on the fence about plays like this but I think in a tournament setting where three spots pay you need to be aggressive with races. I also had some fold equity which is important.

I then proceeded to tie with AA vs 99. Finally ending my night against the aforementioned Grumpish person when I again jammed his EP raise this time dominating him with my bitches vs his nines and the turn giving him the nine-full-tens boat. His call was automatic considering how many chips I had left. So all in all I have no problem with anyone's play last night.

You may be asking how I won the Josie then? With eight people left I bet Josie (Always link the Sexy Chick! Take that JJOK!) that her pick the PokerGrump would NOT win the tourney. This has nothing to do with my respect for the guys game. I think he is a decent player. Possibly a little stronger in cash games than MTTs but fundamentally strong. However if you can get even odds on a bet that is purely statistically a good deal then do it. Josie quickly agreed and I won an easy buyin. So including the KO's I got I must have made a few bucks last night.

My baseball team however has lost it's last two games. The technical win was kind of a win but screw that. I think we will stabilize next week when we get one of our better pitchers back along with my leading OBP guy. I am a big OBP guy for little league. I will then have the new challenge of who to sit every inning as we will have ten players. Fat kid I am looking at you! League rules state you can only sit a kid for one inning in a row.

Next night of running in 90+ weather is tonight. People say they are concerned I will die of heat stroke or something. I really felt good running the other day and it was hotter than today. I also run at 6-7 at night probably closer to 8:00 tonight so I at least get the sun being down. Immediately after my run I jump in the car, blast the AC and chug a giant bottle of Gator Aide. I think this will help me to not become dehydrated. I am keeping up with it anyways because I know if I stop now it will be very hard to start again. Also running removes the pain in my tooth. BONUS!
Ya ya fuck you. I know a dentist will also.


Blogger lightning36 said...

"I decided to just play pretty wild."

Tell that to some of the guys you have felted in the dollar donkathon!

Smart bet with Josie. I need to get in on that kind of action next time.

8:13 AM

Blogger Josie said...

I kinda knew it was a sucker bet. I cannot seem to say no to you! :)

8:50 AM

Blogger BamBam said...

Fuck me! How the hell did I get out of the "obliviously stupid" crowd?

I mean, a kid struggles and struggles to get himself out of the ranks of the obviously stupid. All in the hopes of joining the "obliviously stupid."


OH, and get your friggin' tooth looked at!

11:43 AM

Blogger Wolfshead said...

First, the tooth. Do not get it yanked if at all possible. Go the root canal/crown route. Missing teeth become a bigger bitch later in life. Save what you can when you can. And get it done soon. And if they put you on antibiotics make sure you take them all, no leaving any to be found later.

Second, what's this BS about Bam? He makes a stupd call and gets a pass. I shove in front of you leaving you a way out of the coming suckout and I get a rant, in a post no less. Oh, the agony. God knows why my daughter gave a peckerwood such as you her first link.

3:10 PM


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