Sunday, July 04, 2010


Finally fixed my damn browser and switched to Chrome. Somehow the jscript.dll got wrecked and when I tried to re-register I did not realize I needed to be in administrator mode.

I did the stupid Couch to 2k thing today. Please note they have NEVER sat on a couch. They are retards. OMG! I have my new Avia jogging shoes. Still need a few things like a water bottle and some socks. I thought I was going to stop part way through. I did make the full twenty minutes though. Every time I ran I could not breath and my chest hurt. I then wanted to quit. At the end of the walk period I would feel like I could breath again and start running.. rinse. repeat. It was really hot out which did not help.

I think part of the reason I finished was the boy was with me. Cheering me on and telling me to go for it. I think he just wants the insurance money. We finished up both feeling kind of wasted. Next stop was the grocery store for a large water for him and a large Gator Aide for me! Woot!

Up next is a Baseball game on Monday and more 2K on Tuesday.


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