Thursday, October 28, 2010


Happy Birthday JMAN! Your a great kid. Even though you make me realize what hell I must have put my parents through. We are so alike in some ways.

Today some dude was like "Hey don't park on my street".. and I am like "Fuck you bitch". He was like "It is a residential street".. and I am like "Where is the no parking sign you cocksucker?". So I parked there. I figure if he keys my car I can burn his fucking house down. That is how Waffles rolls.

Another dude who knows how to treat people right is Office Ninja. He is a fucking maniac. He tortures those that he works with. I need him here some days. Make sure you read all his back posts and join his Face Book Page. I think my favorite attack was when he screwed with the PPC and made them pay out hundreds of dollars worth of gift certificates that they were not supposed to. Go read that bitch!

Oh and one other thing. Do not tell me to fucking Vote. Like it really makes a difference? I mean fucking grow up and stop believing in fucking faeries and rainbows you stupid fucks. Whoever you vote for is going to stick a burning hot metal poker up your ass and make you bleed. I am Waffles and I support this message. Brought to you by the campaign for stopping the stupid.


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