Friday, October 01, 2010

So Annoyed

I am getting so annoyed. The whole attitude thing with the wife is nuts. A few days ago she goes out with the kids to do laundry. What she neglects to tell me is that actually she is going to meet the BF at a restaurant, drop my daughter off, and then go do laundry with JMan. Um. Yeah. Hairy Boobs and a dinner date. um.

Now really I do not think anything funny is going on.. but I do not think it is appropriate. I mean keep your relationship with you BF between you two. When he scrams in a year or so then what? Are the kids going to be attached to him and have a bad shock? Who knows.

The thing that really bothers me though... I figured out this whole date night thing because the boy was complaining that his sister got to go to a nice restaurant and he was stuck doing laundry with mom. So I dug in and found out the rest. He felt like he was under duress to tell me though. The Wife seems to threaten him with leaving the house and moving to an apartment and also military school. A package from the military school did come today.

I think her sneakiness is a really bad sign. Threatening the kid with all kinds of crap. Military school? I mean the kid needs some changing but I sort of doubt military school is the best place for a kid with learning issues.

All I do is ask to be involved in decisions and kept in the loop with everything. Every turn I take she is hiding things, threatening people, and doing stuff behind my back.

She has also been REALLY hard on the boy since the incident with the Au Pair. I can see cracking down. I am all for that. She is going too far though. Yelling at him all the time. If he speaks back at all it's "Yelling at her"... I mean give me a fucking break. The worst part too is she does NOTHING if the girl is not behaving. Last night my daughter whipped a hard bouncy ball right into his balls. Ouch. The wife did not even say a word to the girl. I took her ball away. Probably should have done more.

The boy brings up the point that she has a double standard and the wife is like "well, yeah, she is younger".. which was a total bullshit answer. He wanted to know if I thought she had a double standard and I said I did. She then flips out and accuses him of setting us against each other and all kinds of bullshit. The kid has a right to express an opinion and have that opinion validated by another person.

I am just sick of the bullshit lately. Her last words to Jman were "Your actions are going to have consequences". Well... I think it's time to give her some of her own medicine. Her actions will have consequences too.


Blogger lightning36 said...

Like a broken record ...

Waffles, it is time to move out and move on before you do something that jeopardizes yourself or your kids.

9:53 AM

Blogger Bayne_S said...


10:20 AM

Blogger Riggstad said...


Are you saying the BF took the daughter out by himself???

Someones throat would have been shown, is all I'm saying.

That is total horseshit. This is so irresponsible of your wife, I don't even know where to begin.

7:28 AM


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